100 Minutes To


The Manager’s guide to effectively facilitating meetings in 2020 and beyond…

Two experts with decades of experience at keeping an audience’s attention have combined forces to bring you the management and facilitators guide to brilliant online meetings.

Your meetings will be more productive and more balanced as you deal with a workforce that is both on site and remote.

Virtual meetings presenter Carolyn Strauss

Carolyn Strauss is an expert in sales, persuasion and execution. With years of experience as a CEO, television personality and an in demand keynote speaker, she works with leaders and their teams to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Virtual meeting presenter Joe Curcillo

Joe Curcillo is an expert in helping leaders discover their own superpowers through improved communications and focus with a Unifying Vision. As a former trial attorney, CEO and a professional entertainer, Joe knows how to keep an audience focussed and unified to have your message understood.