The Manager’s Guide to Effectively Facilitating Meetings in 2020 and Beyond

Many organizations have shifted to a blend of virtual and in person team members. Managing your people in the new blended world requires a whole new skillset and mindset for leaders.

Not only must we engage the people in the room, but now we must engage those who join our meetings virtually.

The skilled leader will balance the two perfectly.

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This 100 minute series provides powerful insight and guidance for those who need to experience the power of connecting with your teams both in person and virtually.

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Your Hosts

Virtual meetings presenter Carolyn Strauss

Carolyn Strauss

Carolyn is an expert in sales, persuasion and execution. With years of experience as a CEO, television personality and an in demand keynote speaker, she works with leaders and their teams to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Virtual meeting presenter Joe CurcilloJoe Curcillo

Joe Curcillo is an expert in helping leaders discover their own superpowers through improved communications. As a former trial attorney, CEO and a professional entertainer, Joe knows that the ability to keep an audience’s attention and deliver an understandable and actionable message is the key to getting things done.


A Preview of the course is below!

Scroll down to play the trailer and see the course outline!



Module 1 VIEW an extended Trailer and Course Preview
Unit 1 See what you are missing! WATCH THIS Extended Trailer NOW! Free  - Preview
Module 2 Workbook
Unit 1 Start Here - Worksheet
Module 3 Be Technology and Etiquette Ready
Unit 1 Episode 1
Module 4 Your Virtual Mindset
Unit 1 Episode 2
Module 5 Running the Meeting
Unit 1 Episode 3
Module 6 Setting Expectations
Unit 1 Episode 4
Module 7 What Kind of Company Are You?  
Unit 1 Episode 5
Module 8 Lead with a Unifying Vision 
Unit 1 Episode 6
Module 9 Ice Breakers
Unit 1 Episode 7
Module 10 Team Building
Unit 1 Episode 8
Module 11 How to Be Your Best You in a Blended Meeting
Unit 1 Be Your Best - Bonus Episode